MDH Aftercare Program


The MDH Aftercare program is offered to residents who have successfully completed the MDH Intensive Substance Abuse Treatment Program. The Aftercare program consists of twelve individual one-hour weekly counselling sessions utilizing the Structured Relapse Prevention (SRP) model developed by the Addiction Research Foundation. Based on the social learning theory, SRP counselling is a cognitive-behavioural approach, designed to enable persons to gain more control over their alcohol or drug use. 

Counselling sessions focus on engaging clients to:


  • assess their goals and commitment to change

  • design an individually-tailored treatment plan

  • identify their strengths and resources

  • learn to anticipate their triggers to alcohol and/or drug use and to develop alternative ways of coping

  • make connections between their alcohol and/or drug use and other life situations

  • ultimately, become their own therapist - by anticipating risk situations and pre-planning coping strategies.